Poincaré Seminar

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ATENTION: The Seminary is currently moving to the site https://seminaire-poincare.pages.math.cnrs.fr

In October this site http:www.bourbaphy.fr will close permanently.

The Poincaré Seminar has been founded in 2001.

The goal of this seminar is to provide information on topics of current interest in physics. Its way of working is directly inspired by the seminar Bourbaki in mathematics, hence is nicknamed « Bourbaphy ». A series of pedagogical talks will aim at explaining a topic of current interest both from a theoretical and an experimental point of view, possibly complemented by a historical introduction. A booklet with the contributions of the speakers will be distributed on the day of the seminar, and a book is usually published some months later in the « Progress in Mathematical Physics » series by Birkhäuser. The seminar aims at a general audience of mathematicians and physicists and does not require any specialized knowledge.

The next seminar will take place on Saturday, June 28 2014. It will be devoted to:

Dirac Matter

- Texts of talks given at previous seminars
- Posters of previous seminars
- New: Video Links (Bohr 1912-2013)

The complete « Bourbaphy » collection

Vacuum Energy


Bose-Einstein Condensation


String Theory

Quantum Hall Effect

Einstein, 1905-2005

Quantum Decoherence

Gravitation and Experiment

Quantum Spaces

The Spin

Physics and Biology

Glasses and Granular Materials

The Chaos


Poincaré 1912-2012

Bohr 1913-2013

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